Investment Options

Labour and Delivery - $1200

  • One consultation phone call 
  • 2 prenatal visits to go over birth planning (+/- 2 hours per visit)
  • Always available by text from date of hire
  • On call 24/7 starting at 38 weeks until delivery (situational) 
  • Support after delivery until settled with baby (1-3 hours)
  • 1 postpartum visit to discuss your experience and help with questions
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    Caesarean Birth - $1200

    • One consultation phone call 
    • 1 prenatal visit to go over process and any questions (+/- 2 hours per visit)
    • Always available by text from date of hire
    • Support if labour happens before scheduled date
    • Additional 15 hours of postpartum support to aid in your recovery (3 visits)
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    Full Service Package - $1500

    • Everything in Labour and Delivery or Caesarean package
    • 9 hours of additional postpartum support, split up in 2-3 scheduled visits 
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    Pregnancy Support (No Labour or Delivery Support) - $300

    • Texting and e-mail support throughout your pregnancy 
    • Ability to talk through concerns or questions
    • Avoiding the rabbit hole that is Google, we can do the research for you
    • Continued texting and e-mail support the first week postpartum
    • Package can be put towards Birth investment if decided support is wanted for labour and delivery

    Postpartum Services - $35/h+ for minimum of 4 hours per visit 

    Click here to read more about our Postpartum Services, and what it includes. 

    Additional Services - $35/h

    • Meal Prep services - From a collection of recipes that you can make yourself, to assisting in your home to get your freezer full, contact us and we can help.