Postpartum Services

Coming to your home to support you in (almost) any way you need. Our postpartum services include:
  • Discussing your birthing experience, validating your experience with emotional and physical challenges that may be experienced. 
  • Supporting you and your family through your transition into this new chapter in a very personalized manor that works for you all. We have a variety of resources available in the Cowichan Valley.
  • We are more than happy to offer our assistance with light housekeeping tasks to support your family and ensure a comfortable environment for your baby. We can help with tasks like tidying up, putting on laundry, and starting the dishwasher. However, please understand that we have some limitations when it comes to more intensive cleaning activities such as window washing or heavier cleaning tasks. Our main priority is caring for you and your baby, but we are certainly willing to discuss how we can strike a balance that works for everyone.
  • Available to support through the night, allowing rest for caregivers while baby is being supported in your home. Further details can be discussed in consultation between doula and client. 
  • Looking to baby wear? We can offer light support in getting your hands free while holding baby to your chest.